Jenny Kortina

I have been making since I could walk

My mom used to call me her little MacGyver, Mac for short. It started with Legos, continued with rebuilding a lawn mower engine at the age of 8, and has evolved into Arduino-based projects like the internet controlled treat machine I built for my dog Chewie. Although the complexity of my projects has increased over the years, at the end of the day, it's all the same; I make because I love it. I want to share my passion for making with the world.

Pinch Emoji (Emojipedian)

Sometime in the 2010's I heard a podcast about some random person that made an emoji, up until that point I had no idea that anyone could submit an emoji. After hearing that podcast I had a new goal. It took me a few months of thinking in my spare time, but I finally thought of something I thought could become emoji. I messaged my friend Chris to sketch up the idea, wrote the submission, and the rest is history. Upon launch it ended up breaking the internet and was featured on Colbert.

Yogiref (Yogi)

YogiRef is an iPhone and Android app to help yoga students and teachers learn and reference poses. YogiRef has two modes, list and flash card. In list mode poses can be quickly referenced via search or simple scrolling. In flash card mode the poses are displayed in a random order. I built Yogiref when I got very deep into yoga and wanted to learn the different pose names in Sanskrit. It's written in React using Expo.

Sesher (Creator) is a side project created over the past year that allows people with billable time to post and sell it. The stack includes: Stripe, Heroku w/Postgres, Sendgrid, AWS, Newrelic, Google Analytics, Amplitude, and Rollbar.

Treat Chewie (Maker)

Treat Chewie allowed users to facetime with my dog Chewie and give her a treat. "The call is actually triggered at the same time as a modified dog treat-dispensing gumball machine, both of which are attached to a Mac mini doubling as a server for the website. Through a combination of Arduino, AppleScript and Python, the system dispenses treats, calling Chewie to the camera, and then calls numbers collected from the website." -- Giga Om Article

Blokify (Founder)

Blokify is iOS and Android 3D modeling software that enables children to to create toys they can play with virtually or physically via 3D printing. Features include guided build mode, at home printing, and online sharing via email, Facebook, or our in app social stream. Blokify was aquired by 3D Systems in June of 2015.

Thunderclip (Inventor)

Thunderclip was created when the iPhone switched from the traditional dock to the lightning adapter. This idea was prototyped and 3D printed at home on a Makerbot while being modeled in Google Sketchup. The video was created to submit the project to the now defunct Quirky, unfortunately the Thunderclip did not receive the blessing to be moved to production. RIP Thunderclip.

Bumblebee (Builder)

Bumblebee was purchased at a NJ garage sale for $20. She was stripped to the frame and built back up over the course of a weekend. She now roams free in the streets of NYC.